A S.T.E.M. Initiative for Africa

SWATCoV Project

Focused on training students with skills necessary to win the war against the pandemic.

SWATCOV (STUDENTS WAR AGAINST THE CORONA VIRUS) Project was introduced by SCIENCE IGNITE AFRICA to help students take the lead against the havoc to the educational system caused by the dreaded Corona Virus. The Educational System has been on a lockdown and students have been left with no practical learning solutions except online classes which cannot be afforded by most government institutions in Africa.

Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria gave guidelines for the reopening of schools. This includes the provision of non-pharmaceutical interventions such as Temperature checks, Hand Wash and Sanitizers, Disinfectants…)

These interventions are neither affordable nor sustainable by many public schools some of which do not have access to water. It is therefore important to make these interventions available to schools at little cost.

The SWATCoV project is focused on training students with skills necessary to win the war against the pandemic and facilitate the reopening of schools, curb the spread of the virus and also help sustain the measures that have been put in place prior to the reopening.

The first set of trainings will focus on hand wash and hand sanitizer production and also the development of an automated hand wash and water dispenser. These will significantly reduce the cost of providing schools with all necessary materials/interventions and increase the impact of Practical STEM Education in the World.



swatcov project

swatcov project

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